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Family Lawyers Serving Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

Family & Relationship Law issues such as separation, divorce, custody of children, and the division of assets can be a lonely, stressful, and even traumatic experience.  Therefore, it’s important to have the right support close at hand during such troubling times.

Elias Hanna Family Lawyers proudly serve the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.  Our lawyers focus on helping you shape a new future and deliver a safe outcome for you and your loved ones following a relationship breakdown.

With over 2 decades of legal practice experience by your side, you are assured of receiving sound and accurate advice about your legal rights and options.

Helping Families in Doncaster, Hawthorn, Ringwood and Blackburn

As lawyers who practice exclusively in the field of Family & Relationship Law in Melbourne, we provide you with professional services to help you understand your legal options.  We ensure that you are informed and comfortable with the decisions you make throughout each stage of the process.

Having earned a reputation as one of the best Family & Relationship Law services in Melbourne, we’re confident in our abilities to reach the outcomes you desire.  The Principal of the firm, Elias Hanna works tirelessly with care to maintain this reputation and to ensure our clients receive exemplary standards of service.

Our Lawyers are Proficient in all Aspects of Family & Relationship Law

Separation and Divorce

Deciding to leave an intimate partner is one of the most emotionally challenging times in anyone’s life, especially if there are children of the relationship.  Therefore, it is vital to be informed and understand all your available options as early as possible before making important, life-changing decisions.

There is a range of matters to consider before separation – and we don’t just mean the Family Law issues.  In a relationship, you share your love, time, children, financial resources, friends, family, home and identity with your partner.  If that relationship ends, you’re forced to change many facets of your life.

At Elias Hanna Family Lawyers, we understand how overwhelming these changes are and can be.  We will guide and support you through every stage of your separation and divorce process, and assist you on the path to the next phase of your life.

Parenting and Child Support

After separation, many parents find themselves in a transitional period of parenting.  They face the unfamiliar challenge of caring for their children on their own, and encounter new challenges about parental rights and financial support.  There are questions about what sort of time the children should spend with each parent and other people in their lives important to them, choice of school, and many others.

These questions are a normal part of the process.  We suggest seeking clarification to your questions early and often to minimise stress and, if possible, to preserve with the other parent a healthy co-parenting relationship for the children.

By taking a joined-up approach with Elias Hanna Family Lawyers, you will come to understand the relevant aspects of Family Law so that you may decide what outcomes will best suit your situation when it comes to parenting and child support arrangements.

Property and Financial Settlement

Dividing assets after a divorce or separation is a challenging task, with emotional pressures sometimes leading to conflict.

Elias Hanna Family Lawyers has a wealth of experience in combining excellent negotiation and mediation skills with litigation nous to achieve the best financial outcomes relating to:

  • The family home
  • Financial support
  • Investment properties and shareholdings
  • Business interests
  • Trust, company and partnership structures
  • Pensions and superannuation

Most cases are settled through negotiation between the separating couple and their lawyers.  Our primary aim is to achieve outcomes that are in the best interests of you and your children.

At Elias Hanna Family Lawyers, we are here to make the process as straightforward as possible and our lawyers will guide you through the entire legal process in a clear and cost-effective way.

Spousal Maintenance 

When a relationship breaks down, both partners will need to adjust to new ways of living and supporting themselves.  Sometimes, one partner may have to continue providing for the other.

Spousal maintenance is financial support payable by one party to the other after they have separated.  The Family Law Act provides for maintenance in both marriage and de facto relationships, for those who qualify for same.  An application for spousal maintenance must be made within 12 months of a Divorce Order taking effect.  For de facto couples, a spousal maintenance application must be made within 2 years of the date of final separation.

Elias Hanna Family Lawyers can advise you on your rights and responsibilities in terms of spousal maintenance.  We can assess whether you meet the eligibility criteria to receive or pay spousal maintenance.  We can negotiate a payment arrangement on your behalf and, if necessary, we can prepare your application to the court.

Same-Sex Relationships

Over time, the modern family structure has transformed significantly from what was the so-called “norm” in the past.  Like many countries around the world, Australia now recognises in legislation the rights of same-sex couples to marry their chosen partners.  However, same-sex married or de facto couples still don’t enjoy precisely the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts, particularly when it comes to matters involving children.

Like with any legal matter, the importance of hiring an experienced lawyer cannot be understated.  At Elias Hanna Family Lawyers we take every step necessary to protect your rights, including distribution of property, maintenance issues, and matters concerning children.

We proactively guide same-sex couples in an efficient, cost-effective way so we can achieve the best outcome for you and your loved ones.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution processes help separating parties resolve their disputes amicably and by agreement regarding the necessary parenting arrangements to be made for their children and/or the terms of their final property division, without the financial expense and emotional stress associated with proceeding by way of contested litigation in the Family Law Courts.

ADR includes:

1). Negotiation

2). Settlement conferences

3). Mediation

4). Conciliation

5). Arbitration

6). Collaborative Law

7). Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

At Elias Hanna Family Lawyers, we help facilitate a forum for separating parties to cooperate and develop realistic, and sometimes creative, solutions to their Family & Relationship Law disputes.

Divorce Application

We know the prospect of a divorce is daunting for some, despite living in an unhappy marriage.  Our divorce lawyers cannot advise you on the personal aspects of your relationship, but we can provide reliable and valuable legal advice in terms of your divorce application – should you choose to go down that path – and the parenting and financial issues that flow from getting a divorce.

At Elias Hanna Family Lawyers, we will help you with:

  • Preparing a divorce application
  • Filing the application in court
  • Serving the application on your estranged spouse
  • Appearing on your behalf in court, if necessary

Melbourne-Based Family & Relationship Lawyers Who Offer Extensive Knowledge & Support

Our Family & Relationship Lawyers serve the people of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs by aiming to achieve the best outcome for you in a cost-effective and timely manner.  We have experience across all Family & Relationship Law matters including separation and divorce, parenting and child support, property and financial settlements, spousal maintenance, same-sex relationships, and alternative dispute resolution methods.

We always aim to resolve matters as early as possible, with no court proceedings.  However, if court proceedings are necessary, we will advocate strongly on your behalf to ensure you receive your entitlements and achieve an outcome that helps you transition to the next phase of your life as smoothly as possible.

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