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Our Family Law Fee

At Elias Hanna Family Lawyers, we offer our clients a free initial 60-minute case assessment conference with no obligation to instruct us thereafter. During the conference, we assess your situation and provide you with all relevant information, such as the steps you need to take and what each stage of the legal process will cost you.

We do this to place our clients in an informed position before they proceed, while also allowing them to assess whether they are comfortable with our level of knowledge, approach and personality. You must always be comfortable with the person you choose to be your lawyer, as communication is vital in this professional relationship to achieve the desired outcomes for you.

At Elias Hanna Family Lawyers, we provide our clients with flexible arrangements in terms of payment of their legal costs including the option of paying your costs at the conclusion of your matter when you receive your entitlements in the final property division.

We also offer our clients the option of entering into Fixed Professional Fee agreements in stages so our clients can be in an informed position as to what each stage of the legal process will cost and budget for it, rather than be concerned about what the “taxi meter” may be up to.

We differentiate ourselves from other law practices who seem to see nothing wrong with charging their clients for each and every bit of communication, regardless of how inconsequential or substantive it may be. Six-minute units are almost a thing of the past, reserved mainly for the dinosaurs still practising in our industry.