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Parenting & Child Support

Family Law matters involving children are the most emotionally charged.  At times, they include issues of violence or abuse.

At Elias Hanna Family Lawyers, the best interests of the children are of paramount importance to us.  That is usually best served through the children having an ongoing and meaningful relationship with both parents as well as their extended family, though not always.

At the outset of a parenting matter, we provide you with advice regarding the Family Dispute Resolution process (mediation), and how to achieve an early settlement of all relevant issues concerning your children with your former partner that minimises exposure to conflict for both of you and your kids, getting you out of the legal system as quickly as possible.

We help you understand how the Family Law Courts assess with whom the children should live primarily, the duration and nature of the time and communications they have with the other parent, and how the court determines issues such as overseas and interstate travel, relocation, and child support.

Child support is a recurring periodic (or a lump sum) payment made by one parent to the other for the financial benefit of their children after the parties have separated.

The level of child support payable by one parent to the other is assessed by the Child Support Agency (now Services Australia) using a basic formula which takes into account factors such as each parent’s annual income, and the percentage of care you each have for the children.

Parents may enter into private Child Support Agreements in lieu of administrative assessments by Services Australia.  This can be a more flexible way of arranging your family’s particular circumstances and better targeting your children’s needs.  Such Agreements can include provisions for specific expenses, including medical and educational costs, and the percentage or specific dollar amounts to be contributed by one parent or jointly towards the costs of maintaining the children.

We’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate parenting Orders and child support arrangements to suit yours and your children’s needs, by drawing on our extensive experience in negotiating these issues and appearing before the Family Law Courts.