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Family and relationship law is our exclusive area of focus and proficiency. We provide practical advice on separation, divorce, division of assets, and matters involving children.

Something About Us

Whether we act for wives, husbands, de facto partners,
or grandparents, we always recognise the value to our
clients of settling their matters early and amicably.

  Clear Communication

We hear you and listen first so we can understand your situation. Our advice is clear and concise, thereby empowering you to come to well-informed decisions throughout the process.

Fighting for Fairness

Rest assured that you will receive sound and rational advice about your legal rights and options. All of our resources are dedicated towards achieving your entitlements.

 Trusted & Respected

You can rely on us for genuine support and straightforward advice to help you make important decisions, from your initial meeting. Accuracy, honesty and integrity define our practice.

  On Your Side

We tailor our approach to suit each of our clients’ unique circumstances, without compromise. We are available for our clients around the clock.

 Empathy & Work Ethic

We are understanding of our clients’ emotional and financial circumstances. We work tirelessly to secure for you the best possible outcome.

 Competitive Rates

We understand that money is tight and time is of the essence. That’s why we offer a free 60-minute initial case assessment conference to all of our potential new clients. Transparency is key.

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Download your Free Guide to Attending Court in Family Law Proceedings

Elias Hanna provides guidance on attending proceedings in the Family Law Courts. He has personally crafted a bite-size document on steps you should take before filing a court application, preparing for your court appearance, and general guidance on court etiquette.

A Family and Relationship Law Firm Like No Other

Sometimes you need more than just advice. You need someone who listens, understands and will support you in getting the right result for you.